Welcome to Valley View University, the Premier Private University in Ghana. We are extremely happy that you made Valley View University your choice in pursuing tertiary education.  We are convinced you made the right choice, given that the educational philosophy of the University is based on the provision of holistic education.

You join a community of over five thousand students drawn from 21 countries with over 350 qualified faculty and staff who are well motivated to provide meritorious services. The workforce work assiduously to realize the core values of the University which are excellence, integrity and service.

The curriculum is structured to actualize the all-embracing educational goals of the University. It brings on board academic, spiritual, physical and social dimensions of training which, indeed, are ingredients for whole-person development. The over-emphasis on academic dimensions of training to the detriment of the spiritual and moral is mere parochial training which does not fully prepare people to grapple with the demands of life. Such training will eventually make beneficiaries liabilities instead of assets to society. Therefore, count yourself blessed for choosing an institution that focuses on holistic training.

Besides, the curriculum is job-oriented. Courses and programmes have been designed in consultation with industry and employment organizations in order to ensure that graduates easily get jobs. Products from this institution are not found wanting in the competitive job market. 

Moreover, the eco-friendly greenery campus of this university, with free-flow of untainted fresh air, provides a serene environment for exhilarating academic activity. You shall indeed never regret for choosing to join the Valley View community to pursue your tertiary education.

This Bulletin shall witness a major review every five years to ensure that it does not run behind new paradigms in the academic world. There shall however be periodic reviews when the need arises.

You are welcome!